We get to know potential clients through a Simple Process:

1. An initial Assessment and Planning Package, including:

  • At least 2 hours of nepaRFG senior level Pre-Call Preparation
  • Discussion of desired outcomes, resources, resource needs, and challenges
  • Round table Q&A and project implementation discussion
  • At least 2 hours of nepaRFG senior level Post Call research, discussion, and writing
  • Post Call delivery of valuable Initial Draft of an Action Plan you can put to use immediately

Note: The Initial Draft Action Plan is intended to begin moving you quickly toward your objectives.  It is developed over the course of several days by business experts with decades of experience and provided to you as part of the process.  The plan is yours to use as you see fit.  There is a nominal $200 screening fee for the initial Assessment and Planning Call.  That amount may be applied toward any future work we may do for you.

Limited Availability:  Since we must remain focused on our development projects and since these calls require senior staff time, we must limit the available number of these calls to no more than 15 each month.

Services for Existing Businesses:

Tremendous Value

Our senior professionals have been (or are being) paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for their  expertise and skills. Some have been paid over $40,000 just to produce plans that contain concepts and strategies similar to those you will receive in your Initial Action Plan.

Schedule your call Now.

Put our expertise to work for you.

While we primarily FOCUS time and resources on our development projects, we do accept a few existing business clients each year.  We  typically work with existing businesses to:

1. Rapidly Increase Revenue (cash flow) and/ or stabilize seasonal cash flow fluctuations.

2. Develop and implement funding plans to enhance or grow operations.

3. Prepare for the launch of New Initiatives, including the identification, development, and introduction of new products and services demanded by your market.

4. Implement rapid Operational 'Turnaround' Campaigns when needed

How We Work for you

Success Guaranteed!

We are confident in our ability to perform well on projects we accept.  All of our work is covered by strong performance  guarantees.

A Unique Team Approach
Instead of working with a single consultant, you will be served by a unique team approach that combines the expertise of professionals - each with over 20 years of proven experience and proven performance in their field - with the high energy, technical skills, and creative problem solving of youthful team members.  This unique approach allows us to meet your needs quickly and effectively.

Building for the future:
We combine the use of proven processes, systems, and strategies with an ongoing review of industry breakthroughs and technological advances to help bring your vision of a successful and sustainable business to life while maximizing the value of your operation over time.